Hardscaping in Clarksville

At Affordable Lawn Care, we believe that the hardscapes in your landscaping design are just as important as the living, softscape elements. Although the shrubs, flowers and lawn soften the edges and make outdoor spaces in Clarksville more enjoyable, the hardscapes – think patios, walls and fences – are what turn your yard into a functional place to entertain and relax. In addition, the visual appeal of the materials used can’t be beat when it comes to naturalistic textures and colors. Here are some of the facets we can help you with when you partner with Affordable Lawn Care for your hardscaping needs.

What is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping is a type of landscaping that incorporates built or constructed materials. It can include functional items like retaining walls, stairs, driveways, paths, benches, outdoor fireplaces, and more. It also includes objects that have an impact on the esthetic of the landscape. Things like fountains, ponds, big rocks, sculptures, and decorative fences.

Hardscaping is opposed to the living or organic parts of landscaping. If both hardscape and softscape elements are worked into the same landscape design, the effect should be to bring out the best of each. Hardscape gives the soft features of plant life distinct edges that can bring out unexpected things are different times of day and different times of the year.

Hardscaping Features Clarksville

Interspersed with living plants, furniture and decorative elements, hardscaping lends practicality to an otherwise unstructured space. It’s nice to explore a well-landscaped yard, but without paths and privacy features, it can be difficult for you to enjoy exterior areas for long periods. These are some of the vital aspects that turn your yard from a OK space into an ideal place to relax in while surrounded by nature:

  • Paved areas: These can be patios or decks, driveways or walking paths. Hardscapes offer a subtle yet clear indication where feet are allowed to tread.
  • Walls: Either decorative or functional, walls are important for delineating space. Many are also structural, such as retaining walls that corral the natural landscape.
  • Water features: Most of these decorative features include rocks and other stone work and can be the centerpiece of your landscape.
  • Stairways: Steps grant you safer access to all corners of your yard or outdoor space.
  • Fences: They make good neighbors while granting privacy for you and your guests as well.
  • Pergolas: These attractive structures offer a protected architectural place to enjoy the sun.

Hardscaping Materials that Beautify Your Outdoor Space

The colors and textures found in hardscaping materials and stone work add a level of beauty to any Clarksville yard, no matter which ones you choose to incorporate into the design. Consider these materials when planning your next project:

  • Concrete: Current techniques in stamping and staining elevate this grey staple into a resource for high design.
  • Wood: Available in myriad colors and grains, wood is a top choice if you appreciate naturalistic elements. In addition, it can be treated to last for decades despite weather exposure.
  • Brick: Masonry of all kinds can be pressed into service as intricate patio pavers, seating, walls or other essential yard components.
  • Stone: Slate tiles, decorative boulders or cozy rock fire pits all fit nicely into an ideal landscape design. Outdoor kitchens can benefit from the durability of quartz countertops.
  • Metal: From wrought iron gates to modernist benches, the shimmer of metal brings elegance to any outdoor space. When you picture a beautiful yard in your mind, chances are that metal elements are part of the vision.

Six Hardscaping Ideas That Work With Gravel

The great thing about gravel is that it is an extremely versatile material, is reasonably priced and complements other hardscape ideas very well. The wide variety of colors, textures and sizes of gravel mean that it works just as well on pathways and patios as it does for lawns. The versatility of gravel means it can enhance all types of hardscapes excellently. With that in mind, here are six combinations of gravel paired with other hardscape materials for a perfect end result:

  1. Granite Cobblestones: If you are looking to create a sophisticated feel for your Clarksville lawn, then granite cobblestones could be an excellent starting point. Cobblestones of this nature are tied together excellently when they surround a crushed limestone path. If you want to tie this look together even more then why not use the cobbles in other areas of the landscape such as a driveway or as landing pods outside doorways.
  2. Wood and Fieldstone: Compared to many other hardscape materials, gravel’s lighter appearance as well as its ease of installation make it a real complementary treat compared to concrete or mortared stone. A particularly popular look with homeowners in Clarksville is when warm-colored crushed gravel is combined with redwood stair treads and edged with fieldstone to form an understated and natural finish.
  3. Steel: Often overlooked because of its perceived harshness, the reality of the situation is that a pathway of crushed gravel edged with steel can lead a visitor to your lawn through lush planting borders. The contrast between the dark paths and lush greenery bring much needed attention to the pastel planting beds of foxglove, geranium and sage for a romantic variation on a classic theme.
  4. Flagstone: If you are looking for a classic pairing between your pathways and patios then you could do a lot worse than invest in some irregular flagstones from us at Affordable Lawn Care. Our skilled team of landscaping specialists can pair warm-toned gravel and flagstones with stronger wrought iron gates and colorful low-water plants in the birders to give this informal outdoor area a real Mediterranean look and feel.
  5. Corrugated Metal: Dark gravel paired with corrugated metal—both steel and aluminum—work to create an edgy and modern look. By incorporating raised beds with gravel cuts down on maintenance by suppressing weeds and preventing walkways from getting muddy.
  6. Colorful Concrete Pavers: What many Clarksville homeowners fail to realize about gravel is that it is made of mixed stone and often comes in a wide variety of subtle colors. The often-overlooked feature of gravel means that it can be easily integrated into your garden and seamlessly enhances the look and feel of a boring or more sterile exterior scape in no time at all. The warm stones in the gravel mix well with the warm decomposed granite patio and will also look great in contrast with a roaring fire pit.

Decorative Hardscaping

We think that people concentrate too much on the functionality of their hardscape projects. They want paths that weave through their garden, or a retaining wall to stop erosion. Maybe they think that decoration is frivolous? But then when bother creating a beautiful landscape at all?

A bird bath can be a lovely addition to your Clarksville garden. Not only will it be a beautiful object, lost among the flowers and the bushes. It will also attract lots of birds to your backyard. They’ll come at all times of day to wash and sing. With this simple feature, you’ve suddenly incorporated the magic of wildlife into your landscape. Talk about a little piece of paradise!

A fish pond is another lovely way to incorporate wildlife into your landscape. We can install a concrete or plastic fish pond. Many people decorate them with water lilies and other floating plant life. And of course, you’ll need to add fish! Just watch out. Some bigger birds might be interested in snacking on the fish in your pond.

Big rocks are a rugged hardscape element. Gig rocks and boulders are great for giving form to the soft and colorful parts of your backyard or garden.

They give your eye something distinct to focus on but are discreet enough that they don’t distract from the stars of the show. In some ways you can think of big rocks as visual anchors for your garden panorama.

Start Your Project Today

Our staff at Affordable Lawn Care is ready to help you get started on your hardscaping projects. The thing is, we’re not just in it for the money. Our goal is to create unexpected experiences right in your backyard. When you hire us to do your construction project, we always begin with a consultation. That helps us to understand what you’re looking for.

If you’d like help on the design, we can help you with that. For clients that have given us free rein, we’ve even designed their landscape to suit specific times of the day. Morning sun will hit your patio differently than afternoon and evening. And how about catching the sunset on a deck that’s designed for watching sunsets? Or a flower arrangement that appears to change with the changing light of day? The options are nearly endless. From traditional wooden decks to slate tile patios, we can help you envision the possibilities and then see the project through to the end. Give us a call today and learn more about transforming your yard into the outdoor oasis of your dreams.